Our Story

Our Story

Our Surry Hills Day Care Centre childcare service is dedicated to three amazing women who dedicated their time and energy to caring and educating others.

All three had at various times experienced the under-resourced public education and hospital systems, with the lack of time allowed for the quality care and education of individuals.

Delia Moreno our “mariposa”– Early Childhood Educator & Nurse

Worked in hospitals, nursing homes, missions, childcare centres & as a private nanny.

Delia graduated from university with a nursing degree and dedicated her whole career to caring for others. She worked as a volunteer in third world countries and as a nurse in hospitals and nursing homes. But it was in early education where she found her greatest satisfaction. Eternally patient, she always displayed a youthful enthusiasm that made every child under her care smile.

Our childcare centre was to be her workplace, but sadly she passed away before it could be realised.

We will always miss her and we strive to continue her selfless work.

Victoria Moreno – Early Childhood Educator & Assistant Nurse

Worked in nursing homes, childcare centres, Homecare & Family Daycare

A woman with an amazing life story who to this day continues to nourish and care for children.

Victoria has an inner wisdom and strength that will be evident every day that we are lucky enough to have her at our service.

Victoria’s magnificent life journey displays her amazing strength & enduring love for helping others.

Christine Alexander – Professional Educator

Worked in primary (inc. pre-school supervision) and high schools in Sydney and Central Coast

An amazing woman who still dedicates the majority of her time to others. Christine is an Educator who’s enthusiasm toward and understanding of children is awe inspiring. It is her amazing “child whisperer”  gifts that further inspired us to continue our childcare dream.

Christine has amazing strength and continues to inspire despite life’s challenges.

Finally, with thanks to the BBC’s original 7 Up Series and the quote “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” ― Aristotle  320BC

We will strive to care and educate each and every child that is enrolled at our childcare centre to help give them the best start in life possible.