Here are 3 Small Preschool Classes Benefits

by superadmin on October 16, 2017 in Blog

Small preschool classes benefits include more individual attention, personalisation and socialisation. Children will receive more individual attention from the teachers which is important in helping kids feel safe and at peace. Teachers will also be able to create personalised and tailored lesson plans for each child. Finally, a small class will actually help children to socialise better.

Let’s further discuss each benefit and see how they help in optimising your child’s potential:

1. More individual attention

This is the most straightforward benefit. Teachers will be able to put more attention to each child as a result of a small class size. Teachers can notice things and spend extra time on children with more needs. This also helps in making the transition (from home to real-world) much easier and faster.

Preschool children are used to getting the most attention from parents and other family members. These kids always seek the feeling of safety and assurance. In small class sizes, children will still feel the safety and assurance as provided by the teachers.

2. Personalisation

This is a direct result of kids receiving more individual attention. Teachers will be able to craft tailored lesson plans. They could assess the strengths, weaknesses and other concerns for each child.

Personalisation usually results to optimisation. When it comes to learning, one size doesn’t fit all. Each child might progress in different rates. Some children might need a different approach to teach them more effectively.

Although there’s an effective general approach (play-based approach), each child might need extra attention. Teachers can then customise their approach and communication according to the child’s needs.

3. Improved socialisation

It’s an irony that a smaller group can actually facilitate more socialisation. That’s because in a smaller class size setup, there’s less risk of isolation and alienation. Participation is more likely because each child will have a role to play (and be encouraged to socialise to peers).

In contrast, a large class size might make the child feel lost. That’s why a smaller class size can actually result to more socialisation. In addition, kids are still in the phase of rapid and frightening transition. They’re still used to a small social circle which is why a small class size is more beneficial to them.

Small preschool classes benefits Sydney

Here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we maintain small class sizes to achieve the best learning outcomes for children. Our experienced educators carefully designed an effective program to optimise the children’s potential and help them successfully transition to formal schooling.

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