How to Best Prepare Child for Formal Schooling

by superadmin on September 12, 2017 in Blog

How to prepare child for formal schooling? First, as parents we want to ensure that our kids feel safe (especially in the huge transition of formal schooling). To accomplish that, we need to prepare our kids physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.

It should be a holistic and long-term approach. After all, the children will be encountering an unfamiliar environment and interacting with several unfamiliar people. The kids might perceive them as threats or experience anxiety. We also want our kids to experience the transition successfully.

What is the holistic approach?

The first goal is to establish a strong foundation. That’s why in early childhood learning centres, they often use a combination of approaches to help kids gain a solid foundation and prepare them for successful transition.

For example, these learning centres also put emphasis on the child’s physical development. They have developed an optimal nutrition program for kids. This way, children will get the essential nutrients (in approximately the right amounts) each day. This will aid them in maximising their physical development.

In addition, there are even set times for nap and sleep. Children need this for their fast growth. Yes it’s good for kids to play and remain physically active. However, they still need the sleep so they can process the nutrients and make their bones grow.

This is crucial when they transition to formal schooling. Kids should be at average heights. If they look and feel small, they might feel uncomfortable when they encounter other kids of the same age.

It takes a village to raise a child

It’s an old proverb but it still holds truth until today. To successfully prepare your child for formal schooling, you need the effort of a whole village.

That’s why a combination of approaches works best. In addition, kids should be exposed to the “village” settings or the real world early on. For example, they need to learn how to interact with fellow kids even while they’re in the early childhood learning centre.

Interaction with the environment is also important. Toddlers are still making sense of their world. They can only accomplish this if you allow them to play and interact with the objects and surroundings.

Prepare child for formal schooling Sydney

In summary, the key is to allow your child to interact with the environment and other people (while ensuring that your child achieve optimum physical development).

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a play-based approach. It’s where children constantly interact with the environment, objects and other people. This helps them successfully prepare for formal schooling and the “real world.”

We do that here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre. Aside from preparing them for formal schooling, we also make each day a fun journey and experience for each child. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our program.