Child Care Centres Near Me: How Sydney Parents Choose

by superadmin on May 17, 2017 in Blog

Where are the child care centres near me? From a simple Google search, you can readily find several child care centres near your home. You might also have heard a few options due to word-of-mouth or referrals.

However, it’s your job as a parent to double check everything. After all, it’s your child’s future. It’s best to confirm the information and if possible, confirm firsthand what the child care centre has to offer.

What are the things you should first check? What are the signs to look for to see if the child care centre is the best for your son or daughter?

1. Visit the centre and see the actual experience

This is important. Brochures can be misleading because the best features are only highlighted. The best way to really see is to visit the child care centre.

See how the educators interact with the children. See the facilities. Is it a fun and safe environment for your child?

Aside from the curriculum, how the educators interact with the kids is also important. Are they friendly and approachable? Also, the facilities should help kids feel safe and experience fun at the same time.

2. Location and travel time

After visiting the centre, also take note of the travel time and location. Is the centre located in a pleasant neighbourhood? Is it easy to travel to and from the child care centre?

Many Sydney parents also consider those things when choosing a centre. One reason is that convenience also plays a huge factor. However, it’s still recommended to prioritise the learning program and the environment over convenience. Fortunately, you can easily find a child care centre that satisfies both conditions.

3. Balance of learning and play

This could be the most important. Play is actually a crucial part of learning. It supports the child’s mental, emotional and physical development.

Arts, language and music are also important. Early childhood is critical in learning and appreciating those things. This way, children can experience holistic development while enjoying their time as kids.

Child care centres near me Sydney

One child care centre that satisfies the above conditions is Surry Hills Early Learning Centre. Our friendly educators use a play-based learning approach. They also ensure (with the help of one of the leading Australia’s nutritionists) that children are receiving a nutritious diet.

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our program and facilities.