Does Your Child Need More Playtime?

by superadmin on July 10, 2018 in Blog

When we sit for longer than 20 minutes, our brain function slows down. That’s because less fresh blood and oxygen comes into the brain. In other words, physical movement is actually crucial to the stimulation of our brain and neurons.

It’s especially the case with fast-developing children. If you make them take long class sessions, they won’t actually get much benefit. In the past most people think that longer class sessions were good because kids would take in more lessons. But the truth is it might only lead to burnout and exhaustion. The better approach is to let kids move more so their brains and bodies can fully develop.

Humans are built to move

It seems kids were already encoded to move and play as much as possible. As parents, we can’t keep up with their high energy levels. It seems that kids are truly restless and we’re often compelled to stop or slow them down.

But letting them have more playtime is actually beneficial to their physical and mental development. Their movements will stimulate the pumping of blood and taking in more oxygen which are crucial to normal brain activity (plus the circulation and distribution of nutrients to the different parts of the body).

In fact, recent researches show that play results to improvements in academic performance and adjustment to formal schooling. This is due to normal and improved brain function and development. Moreover, play also induces rich environmental exploration and social interaction. There’s just no better way to learn than actually exploring the objects and surroundings. This is especially the case with children who are almost starting from a clean slate.

Does your child need more playtime?

Whether it’s at home or early learning centre, kids should get enough playtime for their optimal physical and mental development. There are different guidelines about how many hours should be allotted to playtime.

For example, here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre we’ve dedicated 4 or 5 playtime sessions spread throughout the morning and afternoon. With our qualified educators’ guidance, kids will be encouraged to play and explore safely in our clean and professional learning environment.

If you want to learn more about our approach, you can call us today at 9690 0293. We’re located at 618a Bourke Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.