Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

by superadmin on March 14, 2018 in Blog

Is your child ready physically, socially and academically for kindergarten? This goes beyond reaching the right age (turns 5 by July 31 this year, kids must be enrolled in school by the time they turn 6). It’s also about adapting to the new environment and making a successful transition.

So how do you know if indeed your child is ready for kindergarten? Here are a few key things to remember:

1. Knows his/her personal information

Your child should be able to quickly tell his/her name, gender and age. Aside from identity formation, this set of knowledge will help him/her whenever he/she is at the early learning centre or other outside environments.

Before bedtime, it’s a recommended practice to let your child recite information regarding his/her name and age. It’s also a good time to form a stronger relationship with your child. In addition, this daily practice is also valuable in other areas which we’ll discuss next.

2. Can follow simple instructions and can recall and retell a simple story

During and before bedtime is also a perfect moment to help your child develop his/her narrative and communication skills. You allow your child to tell a story and let him/her finish. This is a good way for him/her to practice using the right words in conveying information and telling a story.

Aside from developing communication skills, the ability to follow simple instructions is also valuable in successfully adapting to the school environment. After all, educators will provide instructions during class sessions. If your child can follow those instructions, he/she can better adapt with the school environment and keep up with his/her peers.

3. Comfortable in group settings

Equal emphasis is also now being placed on social skills as with academics. That’s because excellent social skills also play a huge role in determining the success of a person either in school or in professional settings.

That’s why your child should start getting comfortable in group settings. Although there’s plenty of time at home or early learning centre to improve a child’s social skills, it’s always best to start early. This way, your child would be able to learn effectively as well as enjoy playing with peers.

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

At this point, most likely your child is now actually ready for kindergarten. It’s the case especially if the early learning centre you choose has qualified educators and a nurturing environment. The educators will give a clear and science-based guidance. On the other hand, a nurturing environment will make your child feel safe and free to explore.

Here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we have created a nurturing environment to support the child’s curiosity and need for active exploration. Our qualified educators provide encouragement and guidance so kids will remain safe and feel free to play around.

Contact us today if you’re interested about our program and approach. Our goal is to make the learning process effective and fun at the same time.