A Day in Preschool: What Parents & Kids Should Expect

by superadmin on August 16, 2017 in Blog

Do you wonder what a day in preschool look like? It’s a good idea to find out before enrolling your child to an early learning centre. This way, you’ll gain peace of mind and know for sure that your lovely child is in good hands.

In general, good and established early learning centres have a specially designed program for nursery, toddlers and preschool. This is to optimise the learning and development of children. Let’s take a look at how it’s done:

Breakfast and/or playtime

Aside from providing the kids with the energy they need, this also solidifies a healthy habit. After all, a regular nutritious breakfast can help them achieve their peak energy. This also helps optimise their development.

Playtime during the early hours is also a good habit. This can help kids become naturally active during the day. Playtime is also one of the best times when kids learn because of the rich interaction with the environment and other children.

Morning tea, sleep or outdoor play

After playtime, the children’s energy levels will naturally go down (especially those in the nursery stage. They need sleep so they will recharged for the rest of the day. Sleep in the morning will also help them grow and process the nutrients.

For toddlers, outdoor play might be in place instead of sleep. Toddlers are more physically active and they require constant stimulation. These kids are also getting more inquisitive and playful.

Lunch and sleep

The lunch should also be nutritious (e.g. minestrone soup with steamed vegetables and mashed sweet potato, seasonal fruits). After all, a healthy mind only goes with a healthy body. Kids can learn best if their bodies are well-fed.

After lunch, the kids should be given enough time to slow down and sleep. Children do require frequent short sleep throughout the day. They’re still growing fast and they need the sleep for optimised physical and mental development.

Indoor play or reading/music

You might have noticed that play is always present. That’s because it’s the best way children learn. They’re still trying to make sense of the world and their surroundings. The best way to do this is by letting them interact with the environment, objects and other people.

Aside from play, there should also be some time for developing the left- and right-brain faculties of the child. This helps them get a solid foundation when they’re preparing for formal schooling.

Outdoor play and late snack

Play and a healthy snack work hand in hand in optimising the child’s development. The snack could be seasonal fruits and rice crackers. These will give children essential nutrients and enough carbohydrates for energy.

A day in preschool Sydney

That’s how a day in Surry Hills Early Learning Centre look like. We designed the program according to Early Years Learning Framework.

Our program focuses on helping kids learn through natural and social means. This way, your child will be ready for formal schooling (and get an advantage).

You can download our brochure if you need more information about our approach.