Are Differences Between Young Boys and Girls Important?

by superadmin on June 13, 2018 in Blog

Young girls often have a jumpstart in language and social skills. They talk sooner and have a greater inclination to play with other kids. On the other hand, young boys tend to be more active but that could be difficult to notice because almost all kids (whether boy or girl) seem to be restless.

Whichever is the case, a community approach is ideal for raising kids (“It takes a village to raise a child”). Both the physical and social environment has a huge impact on how children develop and thrive later in life.

How differences between boys and girls play a role

The differences mentioned above might affect what parents can expect from their children. For example, some parents start to worry if their lovely girls can’t utter dozens of words at 16 months. That’s because young girls are known to develop earlier when it comes to language and communication skills.

However, different kids learn and develop at different rates. Also, the environment has a huge impact on how fast children develop. Whether it’s at home or early learning centre, the physical and social environment can help accelerate children’s brain development.

Whether it’s a boy or a girl, the differences could be overshadowed by more important issues such as how the early learning centre engages with the children and the curriculum they use. In addition, it’s not all about who learns faster and if a girl gets ahead in communication skills. It’s also about helping kids realising their full potential to succeed later in life.

Different doesn’t always mean better

Yes, there will always be differences between young boys and girls. Perhaps it’s because of the difference between their anatomy and brain chemistry. Maybe it’s because of how they were raised in the first place as social normalities and expectations guide us on how to dress and interact with our baby boy or girl.

The important thing here is that different doesn’t always mean better. This is especially the case now when diversity and equality are priorities. Boys and girls (or men and women) will always have differences. In fact, even among individual boys, there will always be differences because of where and how they were raised. The more important thing is that each one realises his or her own full potential.

Differences between young boys and girls could be less important

Whether it’s a lovely boy or girl, their first few years are critical in their later development and success. For example, an enormous number of new neural connections are being formed during a child’s early years. These will serve as a foundation for their early and later learning and development.

Parents and educators may still pay attention about the differences between young boys and girls. Young daughters may need more “talking time” because of their higher inclination to communication and socialisation. Young sons may need more “action and motion” which is why they pay more attention and play more with moving or movable objects.

These things will only be possible if your home and the early learning centre have a rich environment to encourage kids to explore and play. Here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we provide this exact environment with guidance from our friendly educators. Contact us here today if you want to learn more about our community and approach.