Does a Good Early Childhood Education Make a Difference?

by superadmin on April 16, 2018 in Blog

Up to 90% of a child’s brain development may occur in his/her first 5 years of life. In addition, those early years hugely contribute to the children’s development of their social and emotional skills.

That’s why many parents are careful when selecting an early learning centre for their kids. The right choice can carry over through the child’s succeeding years (and even through a lifetime because of the potential economic and professional benefits in the adult years).

How to optimise development?

To really prepare kids for formal schooling, adult years and a successful career, the development should go beyond academics. For instance, social and emotional skills are also crucial because most environments now require active participation and collaboration.

Moreover, physical development has also been given equal emphasis. After all, our brains are also a physical part of our body. Lack of nutrition may also affect our mental performance. It’s especially the case with children who are still undergoing rapid development.

The ideal approach in early childhood education

As a result, reputable early learning centres now are placing equal emphasis on the following areas:

  • Academics (literacy, numeracy, communication)
  • Social & emotional skills (enhancing self-confidence, building tenacity)
  • Creativity (thinking and expressing themselves creatively)
  • Curiosity (active exploration of the natural world)
  • Physical skills (with guidance from qualified educators)

This approach maximises the chances of children of successfully coping with formal schooling and beyond. In fact, this holistic approach may even make children the main future contributors in the fast-changing society. They may even build a sense of awareness especially when it comes to diversity and sustainability.

Fun & learning at the same time

It’s still possible to have fun while gaining the essential skills (especially during early childhood). The truth is fun can be a strong motivator in achieving goals. It’s good to enjoy the result as well as the journey in obtaining it.

A play-based approach can provide the best of both worlds. Children will be encouraged to actively explore while also developing and maintaining their curiosity. They will also have fun as they play along with their peers in a safe and nurturing environment.

Does a good early childhood education really make a difference?

Absolutely. It’s a crucial window for kids to better prepare them for formal schooling and beyond. They’ll be able to build a solid foundation that will make them get the most out life and contribute to the society as well.

Here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre we prioritise both the fun and learning of children. We have a complete approach to optimising each child’s development. We develop nutritious meals (physical growth) and a play-based approach (cognitive, social and emotional readiness).

Contact us today and visit our nurturing facility if you want to learn more.