Nutrition Program for Young Children: Importance to Learning & Development

by superadmin on April 21, 2017 in Blog

In Sydney and other parts of Australia, many parents now are careful about the learning and nutrition program their kids get from child care centres. They’re now aware of the importance of a quality learning and diet program for kids especially in their early developmental stages.

Specifically, why is a good nutritional program important in early childhood development? How does it affect the child’s learning? What are the future possible benefits of a quality diet? Let’s discuss the answers below:

1. Quality diet provides enough energy for kids

Children often have high energy needs. They’re active throughout the day. In addition, it’s their time to play and learn a lot of things.

They need lots of energy to sustain those activities and remain active from morning until late afternoon. The energy should come from nutritious and healthy foods (instead of junk foods). This way, both the short-term (daily energy requirements) and long-term (overall health) needs of the child will be met.

2. Nutritious food helps in fast growth

Early childhood presents a huge opportunity when it comes to development and getting ahead. One main reason is that young kids are in the critical growth stage. To support that growth, children should have access to nutrients on a daily basis.

As a parent, you might be careful to choose what your child eats while at home. This should also be the case when he or she is in the child care centre. The nutritional program in the learning centre should also align with health practices.

3. Enough nutrients help in keeping kids in top mental condition

The human brain spends up to 20% of the energy used by the whole body. It’s a small organ but it uses that much energy.

That’s why the statement “A healthy mind goes with a healthy body” is true. If the body’s strong and healthy, the brain can keep up. It can learn more effectively and help the kids get the most out of their learning experience.

Nutrition program for Sydney young kids

That’s why at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we also focus on providing a nutritional program that supports the children’s fast learning and development.

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