Preparing Child for Kindergarten: Social or Academics?

by superadmin on November 9, 2017 in Blog

Preparing child for kindergarten? It’s a huge transition for kids because this is where they’ll be required to interact and cooperate with peers. That’s why many childcare centres place special emphasis on social skills over academics.

Better social skills prepare kids for the real world

The goal of the preschool period is to prepare children for formal schooling. This period is crucial so the child will be successful and happy at school. Without this preparation, kids will have a hard time adjusting to their new environment.

The adjustment and transition will be a lot easier if the child is already comfortable interacting with other people (especially kids his or her age). Kids will be able to participate in group activities. Slowly, kids will be able to pick up social cues that would equip them to better deal or adapt in a given situation.

It’s a slow process which is why even before kindergarten, kids should be prepared for the real world settings. That’s why in nursery school, there should be enough social activities to give kids an edge. Some parents even enrol their kids in a summer camp right before kindergarten.

Social skills + academics = success

Group and social activities will help kids adjust better to the real world. On the other hand, academics will help kids build a solid foundation so they can grasp advanced concepts later on. Both the strong social skills and solid academic foundation play a huge role in optimum child development.

Both of these are possible to achieve if the program is carefully designed by experienced educators. There will be a balance of sessions and activities for developing social skills and academics. As a result, children will be better equipped to face the challenges during schooling and beyond.

Preparing child for kindergarten Sydney

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