Preschool Programs Sydney: Which One Is The Best?

by superadmin on June 16, 2017 in Blog

From birth up to six years of age, this is the critical period in child’s development. That’s why many Sydney parents are careful which of the preschool programs to choose for their kids.

The proper selection of a preschool program can help children prepare for formal schooling. It will also help them build a solid foundation for future success.

To help you select the preschool learning program for your child, let’s explore some of the approaches used by different learning centres:

Holistic learning

This approach involves the development of both the left and right brain. Here, kids will develop a foundation for academics and creativity.

This is a good approach because children will gain the prerequisites in learning advanced language, numeric, art and music skills. Later on, their lives will become easier as they learn more concepts and consolidate more information.

Play-based learning

This is the recommended approach because kids will interact with the environment and other children. This is in line with the Early Years Learning Framework wherein the mental, physical, emotional and social skills are all put into focus.

The objective of preschool programs is to equip kids for formal schooling and real world. That’s why the learning framework and the preschool environment have a huge role in the child’s critical development years.

Play-based learning can help prepare kids for formal schooling and future success. This is where children can start making sense of their world. While playing, they can actually know how the world and objects operate.

This also presents an opportunity for children to develop their social skills. They will need to interact with fellow children to accomplish a common goal. They will also be able to build resilience through mistakes and finding other solutions.

Preschool programs in Sydney

Both approaches can help kids prepare for the future. Often, there are overlaps which are from the best of both worlds.

Keep in mind that the goal is to help the child prepare for formal schooling and build a solid foundation. This is possible is in a clean, professional and safe environment.

That’s why at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we have a safe environment specially designed for kids. Our experienced educators are always there to support the children in their learning.

If you want to learn more about our program, you can download and read our brochure.