Sydney Child Care Centre: 3 Things You Need to Look For

by superadmin on March 21, 2017 in Blog

Looking for a Sydney child care centre? This choice is crucial because much of the development of your child will depend on his or her early childhood years.

According to recent researches, if children received quality education and care during their early years, they can achieve better health and increase their chances of success when they get old.

That’s why many parents take the time in choosing the right child care centre. Here are a few of the specific things they look for:

1. Focus in social and emotional development

Aside from language and numerical skills, kids also need to develop their emotions and social abilities.

It’s a holistic approach to ensuring your child receives the best education. The ability to properly handle emotions and social situations can help them prepare for the years ahead.

It’s in line with the Early Years Learning Framework. The goal is to help children have a successful transition towards formal schooling.

2. Small teacher to children ratio

This is the ideal situation in classrooms to achieve the learning outcomes.

Each child has unique individual needs that the teacher must address regularly. If the class sizes are small, it’s likely that children will get almost an undivided attention from the teachers.

This way, teachers can focus more on the development of each child. As a result, children can reach their full potential and get the most out of their stay in the child care centre.

3. Play-based learning

As children, they need to experience fun on a daily basis. They deserve it and it’s a part of their natural development.

In addition, children can view learning as fun and non-threatening. The result is they will have more motivation to learn. They will also be able to gain a variety of experiences which is important in their development and education.

Sydney child care centre – focus on fun and learning

That’s why at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, we focus on helping the child learn – and at the same time making the whole experience fun for all children.

It’s our way to help children have a brighter future while letting them experience the full fun of being a child.

Contact us today and let us help your child get the best.