What Will My Child Learn in Preschool?

by superadmin on February 12, 2018 in Blog

What will my child learn in preschool? Your child will learn the basics of language, numbers, science, arts and social interaction. They’ll also better make sense of the world through play and interaction with the environment.

In other words, preschool is truly about preparing the kids for formal schooling. That’s why children should gain a solid foundation during their preschool period. This way, they can better adapt to the demands of formal schooling (and excel and get along with peers).

The most important skill kids should learn in preschool

It’s learning how to learn. After all, everything’s possible or a lot easier if kids know how to absorb and understand concepts. Experienced educators can help achieve this by:

Learning in an academic classroom setting is still important. However, equal emphasis should also be placed on playtime. That’s because kids learn best through actual interaction with objects, environment and fellow kids.

Why do kids learn best through play? That’s because playtime involves experimenting and problem solving. After all, young kids are still making sense of the things and events around them. Also, it’s a great opportunity for them to further develop their hand-eye (or eye-body) coordination. This is crucial in learning how to write or make things happen around them.

How a focus on community improves child’s learning and development

Aside from emphasis on playtime, early learning centres also foster a community to further support child’s development. That’s because a community is where children feel safe and supported.

Classroom sessions are not enough to optimise a child’s development. After all, social interaction and a nurturing environment play an equally important role. A supportive community is where the child will feel free to play, explore, experiment and make friends.

What will my child learn in preschool

It goes beyond language, math and academics. It’s also about making sense of the world (through active exploration and experimenting) and learning how to cooperate with others. It’s the recommended way of maximising children’s development (especially during their critical early years).

That’s why here at Surry Hills Early Learning Centre, our curriculum closely aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework. Our experienced educators provide guidance and encouragement so kids will be free to play and explore. We also nurture a safe and supportive environment so kids can better focus on exploration.

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